This club reformed in the spring of 2004 with twelve collectors from the North Okanagan/Shuswap area showing interest in joining an association for the purpose of collecting, restoring and displaying items used by our early settlers and residents.

Our Club now boasts 72 members strong, with interests varying from one cylinder engines, steam tractors, antique cars and trucks, horse drawn farming equipment, to tractors of all ages and brands.

The visitors to the annual Salmon Arm Fall Fair are very fortunate to be able to see, touch, and hear so many different collectables from this area's past.

The Shuswap Pioneer Collectors' Club welcomes anyone with the passion and interest in antique equipment and who are willing to "show and tell' at the various events our club is invited to attend. Please drop by our display and join in on the fun!

* * *


"A Dream Comes True": In 1999, five buildings, constructed by Stan and Jeanne Pollard, became the first structures along the soon-to-be popular Memory Lane. The lumber for these initial storefronts was donated by the Peterson Brothers, and had originally formed their 1937 machine shed. In 2000, another ten buildings were assembled, this time constructed from the lumber of a dismantled 125-year-old barn near Hulcar Hall. The boardwalk fronting the Memory Lane stalls was created using planks from the 1957 Memorial Arena.

Each fall, the stalls along Memory Lane are filled with exhibitors who volunteer their time and wares to showcase a long-ago era, and take the 21st century fair goers back in time.

If you have some wonderful memorabilia and would like to spend a weekend sharing it with others please e-mail our office